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Mt Maunganui

There are a variety of Accommodation types available:

  • Homestay
  • Backpackers
  • Cabins
  • Motels

Below is information on Homestays. Please enquire about other costs and charges as they vary depending on the season.


Homestay is an arrangement where you live with a New Zealand family in their home. If you are studying English we highly recommend this option. It is an easy way to get to know NZ customs and culture. You will have your own bedroom, mostly shared bathroom facilities, and are provided with breakfast and evening meals Monday to Friday. Other meals during the week are by agreement and may cost extra, but on the weekend all three meals are provided. Often, Homestay families include you in their weekend activities.

As in a normal family it is customary to offer help with the dishes, setting the table, or little chores around the house. It is considered polite to ask before using facilities such as the phone, TV etc., and to let homestay parents know if you are planning to be out late.

We can help you find the right ‘family’ for you. We suggest you stay there at least 4 weeks, two weeks’ notice is required for termination of a Homestay situation.

Costs - Homestays usually cost about $260 a week.
Our placement fee of $195 to find the right home and deal with any issues. All Homestays have to pass a detailed evaluation process and are regularly checked.

We will take you to the Homestay and introduce you to your new family.

Many students find they develop long-term relationships with their Homestay family.

Homestay Termination - Students wishing to cancel their Homestay are required to give two weeks’ notice, as the Host contract requires that notice.

Homestay Refunds - There will be an administration charge, equivalent to 3 days homestay fee, in case of a student cancellation, as there is considerable additional administration involved.

For students under 18: for all arrangements we require a formal process with signed approval from the parents. You also may not leave your homestay or change your living arrangements without written permission from the Academy and your parents.


There are several in the area.