Bay Learning Academy – Celebrating 10 Years!

Feedback from our ESOL students

"Hello, my name is Kady I am Brazilian 27 years Old. Recently I Finished my degrees in Science Biology and after that I decided to meet my mother, who was in Australia, in new Zealand to travel and Study English together. Actually she was charged to plain the trip, because I am a quite lazy (rsss). So she started searching some good school to study in Tauranga and she found Bay learning, after that we arrived and started studying, we meet Liss, Felipe and many other cool teachers nice students. At this time, we made a amazing trip together to North Island, Felipe and many students from Korea, Brazil, Czech republic. We had fun, cooked together it was really amazing. I Feel very glad to arrive in New Zealand and have those good experience with good people. Yeah, I know, one month it's not a really enough time to learn English, but I learned a lot with Felipe classes, we talked about many important grammar, pronunciation points and general issues about the world. It helped me a lot in my trips, actually now I can see many documentaries and understand around 80% of the information... Yeah, Bay learn is a good suggestion if you want quality of education and friend people, also Tauranga is a beautiful place to enjoy the evenings, lovely beaches, landscape, small and friendly town... Is it! Thanks everybody!"

- Kady Coelho,

"During my studies at Bay Learning Academic I could meet lots memorable peoples that I really like and always i remember in my mind. We did lots things together like visit Mclaren Falls, wakings to beauty places around Tauranga and barbecue at the beach. Definitely in my opinion this school is a good place to meet interesting peoples and of course study. I really enjoyed my time at Bay Learning and I got way better that I was before. I have to say thanks especially to Liz and Felipe to the time and memories. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!"

- Michelle Bavaresco,

"Bye Bye Bay Learning and thank you very much to my teachers and to Liz. Time for me to leave Mt Maunganui. I will always remember those good moments we spent together, learning English and laughing with my classmates."

- Marie Perrin

"Muchas gracias al equipo de Bay Learning Academy, en especial a Julie y a Liz, por su calidez, paciencia y profesionalidad. Habéis conseguido que me sienta en familia, algo muy importante cuando estás a miles de kilómetros de tu casa. ¡Gracias!"

"Thank you very much to Bay Learning Academy team, especially to Julie and Liz, for your warmth, patience and professionalism. You have been able to make me feel at home, something which is very important when you are thousands of miles from home!"

- Noa Vega, Spain,

"Liz I miss your teaching, your class and your advice.... Wherever I go I won’t get a good lecturer like you..."
- Deven Dev,

"Each one of your teachings challenged me. I learned a lot from you."

- Yasuhiro,

"I wasn't sure about the small size of the school and the small classes but after 8 weeks here I am convinced it is very good."

- Zayid, Saudi Arabia