Te Reo

Our next Te Reo evening class starts in May. Choose between Tuesday night starting 10th May, or Thursday nights 12th May. 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Next level starts Wednesday 11th May
Please book early. Limited space available.

We are pleased to announce our Te Reo classes are now government supported and are FREE. Pay the Admin fee only.(Residents and Citizens only)

Day classes

Unfortunately, our day classes are on hold. .

Evening classes

Introductory level.
Tutor: Thomas Tumai
Beginner Next course:
10th may and 12th May

6.30pm-8.30pm for 6 weeks

Next Level:
The Next Level course will start May 11th.

*Free to NZ residents and citizens. *$50 Admin fee applies
$140 to non-residents.

Te Reo March 2021